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This is for reporting rule breakers in Special:Chat. The rules can be viewed below. It should only be use when there are no Moderators present, or the Moderators are not responding in chat. A list of Moderators can also been seen below. Misuse of this page is considered vandalism which could result in a block or a ban from the chat.


  1. Follow the use common sense, user treatment, don't feed the trolls, assume good faith, status and opinion-weight, gaming the system, and user block policies.
  2. Follow all of RuneScape's rules.
  3. Do not talk about or do anything illegal in nature.
  4. Do not engage in spamming or advertising.
  5. Refrain from intentionally joining and leaving the chat in order to cause disruption.
  6. Users may speak in whichever language they wish. However, they should speak in English if requested to do so in order to ensure that everyone understands them.


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