RSLogs is an extension for managing log data on RuneScape Wiki and is implemented through 4-5 special pages:

Special:CreateLogForm Edit

This is a form creation tool, where a user can define fields for other users to submit data into. There are a number of different forms for different types of items and data. This can potentially be skipped as the forms are unlikely to be changed too much and it is unlikely that many more will be added in the foreseeable future, allowing them to be hardcoded into the extension.

Special:ManageLogItem Edit

This is a tool for managing the items for which data is logged about. It will allow items to be created or deleted and for the type of item to be changed.

Special:SubmitLogData Edit

This takes the form of Special:SubmitLogData/$item where $item represents the item for which the data is being logged about. It utilises the forms defined in CreateLogForm and stores the data as JSON for later use.

Special:LogFilter Edit

This is a filter for preventing or flagging (potential) vandalism. All this needs to is arithmetic operations and comparisons, so should hopefully be relatively easy to implement. Could potentially rely on #expr or #ifexpr from ParserFunctions